Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge; Sepia

Like walking through a door. our relationship immediately attained a sepia tone; the past. – Gillian Flynn

This photo was taken at Eco Village, in Serang City, Banten – Indonesia. Last year on January 2013, I traveled here with my best friend. Unfortunately our friendship got a difficult problem. So sad that we are distantly now. But, by the way, I think it’s suitable to answer Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. 😉


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18 Comments Add yours

  1. Colline says:

    Such an unusual house.

    1. noe says:

      Indeed. it’s a houseboat 😀

    1. noe says:

      What a surprise!!!!
      Oh thaankk you, Cee.. it’s really unexpected. You dont know how happy I’m 😀

  2. restlessjo says:

    Beautiful! 🙂

    1. noe says:

      Bamboo construction, the architects said that it’s eco friendly. I love that idea

  3. Jo Bryant says:

    nice…what a lovely place

    1. noe says:

      Thank you, Jo 🙂

  4. Ohhhh…..I want to be THERE!

    1. noe says:

      Hoho.. once you be here, I believe that you’ll take a great picture. Better than mine 😉

      1. No, your picture is absolutely perfect!

      2. noe says:

        Aww! Thank you 🙂
        You know that I’m happy right now, I jist found my camera. I thought it was lost since a year ago 😀
        After this… I’ll try again to take some picture with this beloved pocket cam 😀

  5. Cee Neuner says:

    I really adore your photo. It works so well in sepia too! Thanks for participating!

    1. noe says:

      Thank you Cee 🙂

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