Faceless Portrait from Singapore

Since I was in elementary school, I already liked photography. At that time, there was no digital camera. The most used camera was an analog camera that needs to be filled with roll of film. And even, the camera is a very expensive item for my family, and of course I did not had it.

Maybe you want to ask me, how could I liked photography if I did not even had a camera?

I have a rich friend. One day we went on a beach for school vacation and she brought her camera. While on the beach, she often asked me to take her picture. It was then that I started got interested in portrait photography. I felt it was so interesting to peek through a small viewfinder. So challenging, but yeah, I love challenge.

Then the nicest thing after that … of course when my photo work is praised. At least, the picture was not blurry, did not leak (eg, there’s no fingertip covering the lens), and the face was clearly visible.

Anyway, several times after that first experience, my friend often asked me to take her picture again. Occasionally, I also borrowed her camera if there was a special moment in my family.

Now I feel that my experiences of taking pictures has given me a big impact, that I like to make portraits. Besides, I also like to take candid photos.

So, since I have my own camera, I took many candid photos, and often also from behind their backs. And here are some faceless portraits that I took during my trip to Singapore couple years ago.

Garden By The Bay

A couple of backpacker who was enjoying the scenery


And a mother and her kids.


Sultan Mosque, Bugis

Take a prayer inside the mosque.


Singapore National Library

Reading online newspaper

Reading online newspaper

Looking for something?

A man and computer

Playing video game.

Girl and game

By the way, I can’t help to take a candid picture when I visited the National Library of Singapore. Fortunately take a picture inside the library isn’t prohibited as long as you don’t use flash light.

Botanical Garden

Looking for a way.


From 5Footway Inn Hostel, Bugis

One fine morning at 5Footway Inn Hostel Bugis, I saw an old man who was performing his duties as a gardener. From the 2nd floor at open dining area, I could freely photographed his activities.


By the way, the theme of weekly photo challenge of this week is “a face in the crowd“. The challenge is … can a picture tell how someone is feeling even though it’s without face expression? And without color, does our impression of that person change?

To answer the challenge, I took some from the pictures above and turned it into black and white.

Couple tourist_BWGirl and game bwA man in a mosque bw

I am also want to show you my favourite faceless portrait that I took while I have breakfast in hostel. There was a man with his tattoos who is attracted me so much.

TattooTattoo BW

How do you think? Can you feel the expression? Does the impression change in black and white style?


26 Comments Add yours

  1. Helena says:

    Ah Mbak, aku suka tema foto yang ini. Feel-nya dapet! Coba deh nanti foto aku tampak belakang dan samping kek gimana 😀

  2. lendyagasshi says:

    You’re sure verrryyy talented, sistaaa…
    Love every inch of the photos.

  3. April Hamsa says:

    I think black and white make it more dramatic #hallah 😀

  4. Liswanti says:

    Mba Noe, foto-fotonya memang selalu kece deh.

  5. bloggergunung says:

    Seem i was there. Remember when I was there around 2000-2002
    Holiday never forgotten

  6. rizkaedmanda says:

    suka sama foto-foto nya.. candid, humanis…

    1. noe says:

      Makasih kak Rizka 🙂

  7. lyamalia says:

    Wah mbak, boleh juga captureannya. Suka bagian yg a mother and a kid boy. Kayak ada jarak pemisah diantara mereka, tp tetep bersama.

    1. noe says:

      Itu ibunya kan lg dorong stroller, krn ada adik bayinya kali ya jadi si boy mulai mandiri

  8. Bagus banget mbak, poto-potonya.
    Sumpah keren. Moga kedepan bisa ke Sultan Mosque 😀

    1. noe says:

      Aamiin. Masjid Sultan bagus bgt, harus kesana

  9. fainun says:

    Cool photos. Yang hitam putih kerasa beda apalagi yang lelaki bertato, seakan-akan pikirannya lagi pusing 😅

    1. noe says:

      Pusingin apa ya kira2, haha

  10. peengen ke Sultan Mosque 😀
    Semoga kesampaian aamiin.

    1. noe says:

      Aamiin, pasti bisaaa

  11. Beautyasti1 says:

    Nice mba, kita memang perlu meningkatkan lagi skill photography.. aku suma suka bidang ini, makanya aku belajar dengan ahli nya hehehe.. dulu aku juga sama, bermula dari suka motoin temen yang seneng di foto hehehe

    1. noe says:

      Kamu jagoan motret produk lho, aku terkesan!

  12. niee says:

    keren mbak foto fotonya

  13. Seru juga ya foto-foto di edit jadi black and white

    1. noe says:

      Feelnya jadi beda ya mba

  14. mpo ratne says:

    Black and white is simple , unik and style.

    1. noe says:

      Thanks for choosing, Mpo. 🙂

  15. Mabel Kwong says:

    I like photos with colour…because it gives the image light and warmth. Lovely to read your start in photography, Noe. Your photos are very thoughtful 🙂

    1. noe says:

      Thanks, Mabel. Capturing moment and framing people is challenging but I enjoy it. 😆

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