Photographing 21 Days Old Baby

Still remember when I met this baby boy for the first time. He was only 3 weeks old new, and looks so small and weak. I was a bit nervous and afraid. Could I photograph him with various poses? I asked to myself, considering he was born prematurely and got intensive treatment for several days at the hospital.

But then I tried to convince myself. Knowing how his parents had traveled so far to get my house, I was so touched. And they came with only one hope, they wanted me to capture the precious moments of their baby, while he’s still a newborn. How could I refused?

So after hearing the story of how he was born, I tried to understand the feelings of his mom, and I took myself to hold this little angel, took off his clothes and started to photograph with some simple and safe poses that were not too difficult to do.

PicsArt_03-23-02.50.03PicsArt_03-23-02.47.22PicsArt_03-23-02.53.04PicsArt_03-23-03.04.38PicsArt_03-23-03.00.19Baby Ran basic wrap

Anyway, hope you like this, dear parents of this bundle of joy. And thaaaaaanks a million for trusting me, even I am just an amateur photographer. May the blessing of Allah’s soft rain be on you all. Aamiin.

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  1. aswindautari says:

    Gmes banget ahhh dedeknyaaa.. Penasaran nih foto2 bayi se keren ini butuh memakan waktu brp lama y mba?

  2. Julo says:

    MasyaAllah cute banget.. fotoin bayi begini tantangan sekali ya, mbak. Kereen…

  3. Mba, foto seperti ini butuh waktu persiapan berapa lama mba?

  4. bloggergunung says:

    Si bebi menikmati sekali. Gak berasa diatur atur bergaya kali ya… Dikiranya lagi ditimangtimang nina bobo. Hehehe…

    Doakan Tanteu Okti bisa segera punya adik buat Kakak Fahmi ya Dedek Karla 🙂

  5. Baby photography emang gemes in banget ya mbak. Waktu anakku yang fotoin suami mbak, hehehe. Jadi bisa cerewet dikit

  6. ejiebelula says:

    lucu yang pake boneka noe…

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