There’s always a story

There’s always a story. It’s all stories, really. The sun coming up everyday is a story. Everything got a story in it. Change the story,  change the world. – Terry Pratchett, A Hatt Full of Sky (Discworld #32)

HDR Experiment for Sunrise

As usual, I cannot ever resist to capture the beautiful sunrise. I love the color of sky and clouds when the sun is raising. Impressive reddish! But unfortunatelly there are much clouds this morning, so I can’t see the perfect round of sun. Feels like I wanna fly and remove the clouds. lol đŸ˜† A…

Wordless Wednesday; Sunrise

I’m longing for beautiful sunrise which I used to see every morning from a little garden near my home. Since a few months ago when Indonesia entered the rainy season, I can’t see this beautiful sunrise because it’s cloudy. And the hardest part of this rainy season is the flood which occurred in many cities….