Amazing Journey to Rajuni Kiddi Island

Today I want to continue the story of my journey when following Takabonerate festival last september. Last week I have written about the beauty of Tinabo Island, the small island where I stayed for the festival along with many other participants.
The agenda at the first day of the festival Takabonerate on 1 September, was explore some small inhabited islands inside Takabonerate National Park. The first island we visited is Rajuni Kiddi. We went by boat from Tinabo Island at 10 am, and arrived in Rajuni Kiddi Island at half past 11 am.
Along more than 1 hours on the boat, I enjoyed the sparkling blue of the sea. The differences in the depth of the sea makes shades between turquoise and dark blue.
We were greeted by rows of palm trees when we arrived on the island. While I walked past the wooden pier, I was curious, what an amazing thing that I could see soon on this island?
Immediately upon entering the village that is located about 50 meters from the pier, I fell in love with elementary school children who were on their way home.
Most of the children were very shy. They looked down or away to hide their face when I wanted to take pictures. But some were actually very aggressive and asked me to photograph them again and again.
There is no one at schools because the students had gone home, and the one thing that I noticed is the clean environment from the litter.
I went on to enter the village and found the typical traditional houses belonging to the tribe of Bajoe. The house is indeed very simple, look no luxuries over there, but I’m sure the residents have a rich heart.
At 12 pm we invited to have lunch in a hall of the village. The food was cooked by locals, and served to all the participants of Takabonerate Festival. It was a delicious lunch with rice, fried fish, steamed eggs with soy sauce, and fried noodles.
After having lunch I continued my adventure. I walked through the streets and house by house until I stopped by in another pier where there is a boat that hasn’t been finished yet.
On the other side, still around the pier, there were a broken boat that were left on the beach. Close to it, I saw also the broken TV.
On the pier when I was enjoying the panorama, a group of kids came and watched me secretly and bashfully. Then I took them to take a picture with me, and my husband did it for us.


And they were curious to see the photos 😀
I love children like I love my kids at home. Sometimes, the innocence of their eyes and smile remind me of my childhood. The little me who loved exploring, seeing new things, curious and tried many things. The little me who couldn’t wait to know what I’d going to be in the future.
The memories of my childhood made me want to know, what’s the dream of the children in the island?


So I took them to share with me about their daily routines and their dreams. It’s not easy to make them to speak. I started to play a game with them, I asked something and they had to answer. I gave biscuits and drinking water to the kids who answer my question correctly. It works and a minutes later we were so close.
Finally one by one they started to tell their dreams, anyone wants to be a teacher, police, and even astronauts. I listened intently while my husband continued to capture the moments.
After all of them finished to tell their dreams and story, then it’s my turn to talk. I told them where I came from, why I love traveling, and how big the earth is. I opened the maps, and showed them where’s the island that they live in. And when I told them that Indonesia has more than 17.000 islands, they were surprised.
IMG-20141028-WA0019The time passed, and I had to leave the island. The children walked with me back to the pier. We passed through the village again, but on the other street.
Along the way I saw daily routine of Bajoe tribe who work as fishermen. They were cleaning up the fish to be made as dried salted fish. Then it would be sold to the city.
I asked to the fishermen about the process of making the salted fish. He told me that after the fish has washed, it would be soaked in salt water for one night and then dried under the sun light.
Before leaving the village, one of the parents of my little friends on the island, offered me the coconut water. Coincidentally, I was tired and my drinking water have been exhausted, so I couldn’t deny it. Their kindness prove that they have the rich heart despite living in simplicity.
These 2 photos were the last minutes before leaving the Rajuni Kiddi Island by boat. I keep my nice little friends inside my heart and will never forget them. They’re indeed not only a friend, but teached me the new more thing in my life.
That simplicity is not an obstacle to live the life that full of happy laughter. Nor a stonewall to reach the dreams as high as the star, or a barrier to keep giving and sharing.
Yea, it was my amazing journey in Rajuni Kiddi Island!
I blog this story and photos because I’m challenging my self to write in english once a week, and it’s also fun for me to link up this post to Jo’s Monday Walk. 🙂 Please visit her blog if you love walk with her like I do.

26 Comments Add yours

  1. ventisqueras says:

    grazie per questo incantevole viaggio

    1. noe says:

      grazie per la lettura 🙂

  2. Looks like those children enjoyed the day ,and walk, as much as you did – fun post.

    1. noe says:

      And I’m so glad about that 😀

  3. mamaboetobi says:

    Lovely place you have hereeee…Love to see all those kids with happy faces with you around as well…and the beaches are sooooo beautiful… I can picture myself spending soooo much time there waiting for the sunset and have a nice dreamy chat with the kids 🙂

    1. noe says:

      Yeaa… lovely place indeed. I’m curious what would you do next after finiahing your therapy? Will you go diving to the south america?

  4. Jill's Scene says:

    Your walk gives me a glimpse into a way of life that is very different from my own, thank-you. The colours in your photos are vibrant and alive – like the children.

    1. noe says:

      Thank you for stopping by Jill 🙂
      There are always something to teach us about life everytime we go traveling, and the children is such a teacher for me at that day.

  5. Mabel Kwong says:

    This was such a beautiful post to read, Noe. I’m glad I decided to pick this one to read tonight, I loved every word of it. The simple life is “not a barrier to keep giving and sharing.” Well said. Your little friends look so happy in the last two photos. They may not have a “cushy” city life like ours, yet they make the most of what they have and dare to dream big. That small gesture of coconut water was so touching 🙂 ❤ I bet you must have felt like a celebrity, showing off your photos 😀

    1. noe says:

      Ahahaha… I was enjoying that coconut water when my hubby asked me to look at the cam above me. I never thought that I look like celebrity until you tell me. 😀

  6. momtraveler says:

    Kids… their smiles brighten the whole universe 🙂

    1. noe says:

      So, why do you still survive with only one kids #eh haha

      1. momtraveler says:

        Aaaaaarrkk…… makjleb!!!! T-T

      2. noe says:

        Ahik… pdhl aku pingin nambah jg blm dikasih. Btw punteen ya, ngga ada maksuud

      3. momtraveler says:

        Hahaha…. no problemo mak 😉
        Saling mendoakan ya supaya programnya segera berhasil :*

      4. noe says:

        Iyaa aamiin aamiin… aku rencana konsul dokter minggu2 ini. Bismillah…

      5. momtraveler says:

        Sip….sip…. goodluck ya mak 🙂

  7. restlessjo says:

    What a tropical paradise, Noe! 🙂 If we were all living this simple life, perhaps the world would be a happier place. I love the time that you spent with the children, sharing their dreams and innocence. And I like that close up of the boat in progress you showed too (you know I like boats 🙂 )

    I was watching a National Geographic on Indonesia and its 17,000 islands last night. The monsoons and the climate surely make it a difficult life despite all that beauty. Many thanks for sharing. I will look forward to more.

    1. noe says:

      Hoho… I have much more photos of the boats, will share with you soon 😉

  8. whadda wonderful trip… kids are amazing whereever they live

    1. noe says:

      Indeed mak.. thankk youu

  9. Looks like a great place to unwind yourself ….

    It’s always fun photographing kids, but hard to get a steady image, though 🙂

    Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and have a beautiful day…

    1. noe says:

      I remember when the first time I stopped by your blog Sreejith, I saw your photo shot of a kid who stand by a tree. You are great in photographing human 🙂

      1. So nice to hear that, Noe 🙂

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